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Hot Stone Massage

Do you suffer with backache, a stressfull job, aches and pains, tender shoulders, regular headaches or sports injuries?
Maybe we can help

Zena Worrall Specialises in sports and holistic massage to treat a wide variety of aches and pains accumulated from everyday life. Based in Sockbridge / Tirril, Penrith, Lake District, Zena has her own private consultation and treatment room.

Zena also offers On-site Corporate Massage to help employers and employees relive the tensions and stress of the modern work place. Your employees can be revitalised at there place of work in just 20 minutes to relive the aches and pains that acuminate trough-out today's busy lifestyle, as well as increase staff morale, enthusiasm & productivity.

Zena also offers Holiday Spa packages, brought to you, into your holiday home, for 3 or more people.

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Treatment Gift Vouchers Available - A perfect gift for family & friends to celebrate their special occasions


Massage Treatments Available

  • SSports massage is not just for athletes. Anyone that suffers with aches and pains will benefit from a deep localised massage to break down any tension knots caused by regular misuse of muscles.
  • AAromatherapy, A deeply relaxing massage that loosens muscle tension & stimulates the circulation of blood.
  • RReflexology is a therapy that uses the feet to affect areas of the body.
  • IHIndian Head Massage. Massage over the scalp, face, shoulders & upper back where most tension occurs.
  • HEHopi Ear Candle. A completely painless treatment for ears, nose & throat.
  • PPregnancy. Massage to ease stress, tension and anxiety during pregnancy.
  • HSHot Stone Massage is a massage combined with the use of warmed basalt stones.
  • LLymphatic. A very light feather touch massage over the body.
  • HFHolistic Fascial. Cleans XXXX exfoliate mask and moisturise to replenish tired skin cells.
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